Goals for ABBPS

Our expanding library of big band arrangements will be made publicly available to schools and music ensembles who want to learn more about playing this music. The ABBPS also offers educational clinics on performing, arranging and teaching big band music.

Wall Street Journal applauds the ABBPS

From Keeping the Big Band Sound Alive by Nat Hentoff, in The Wall Street Journal (Feb. 3, 2010).

Characteristically, Ms. Carr has researched, pondered and created a specific agenda for the ABBPS. It will not only provide educational clinics and master classes to students from elementary school through college, but also assist young music teachers, many of whom have not had any experience with this music but are expected to teach public-school jazz bands or music ensembles. “We plan to focus on schools that don’t have enough funding for a curriculum that would support, in whole or part, big-band education or performances,” she says.

But to bring vivid pleasure to all this orientation, the ABBPS will, Ms. Carr continues, “perform live concerts in schools, playing selected arrangements from our library and getting young people excited about this music. Kids needs to hear this music played live.”

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