Music Library

The art of arrangement was crucial to every big band’s success

Arrangers played an especially critical role in these large groups, by organizing popular tunes into parts for each band member to play. Arrangements, typically set down in handwritten sheet music, could vary widely from band to band, depending on the mood and style of the song, the number of instruments (and skill of the players) in the group, singers’ vocal ranges, and so on. Big band arrangement became an art in itself, one that’s at risk of being lost. ABBPS has pledged to keep it alive.

Many unpublished big band arrangements are relegated to boxes in closets, never to be played or shared. Thousands of these wonderful arrangements are willed each year to family members and even organizations that lack the knowledge or means to give them the life they deserve. Arrangements need to be played to truly exist. The ABBPS mission includes acquiring and cataloging arrangements in our growing library, to preserve and promote them for public study and performance.

Contributions from notable arrangers such as Henry Busse and Bob Freedman have provided a foundation for the ABBPS Arrangement Library. As we receive funds, arrangements in the collection will be cataloged, digitized and made accessible through our website. These meticulously preserved arrangements also will be used in all facets of our performances and educational programs.

If you are an arranger who would like to contribute, or if you know of  arrangements in need of preservation, please
CONTACT US at 1-877-340-2263 or email us at and help us build this unique and important public library.