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The American Big Band Preservation Society, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, promoting, and performing the sounds and history of the Big Bands, with an emphasis on education and keeping this art form in schools.

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Welcome letter from President and CEO, Dan Gabel:

"Greetings! Thank you for visiting our site. Big Band music is something near and dear to my heart. Leading my own orchestra and performing Big Band music is not only my job, but it is my life’s passion as well. The rich musical heritage of this unique art form is representative of America itself: diverse, creative, sentimental, danceable, direct, original, and, above all, it is music for the masses; made for everyone to enjoy. 

However, preserving the original aging materials is of extreme importance; this is why we need your help. Consider donating, or volunteering your time if you are able. We have saved thousands of arrangements and artifacts so far. There were cases where these historical documents were rescued moments before ending in the dump and lost forever. Instead, these unpublished, original arrangements have now landed on a young student’s music stand, breathing new life into the notes on the written page. Together, we can ensure that this music lives on for generations to come. 

I am honored to serve as the President and CEO of this most worthwhile organization. The future of this music is bright, thanks to the dedication of our organization. The music is timeless. Thank YOU for your help in perpetuating this American art form."

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PLEASE JOIN US in our efforts to preserve American big band music.
Your tax deductible contribution will help us fund our mission to preserve and share this wonderful music with the world.

Make checks payable to: “American Big Band Preservation Society, Inc.” or “ABBPS”

Mailing Address
80 Kendig St., Worcester, MA 01610 
Phone: 774-280-1502

Funding and Preservation:

Most arrangers of big band music desire to have their life’s work preserved. Until the ABBPS was founded, there was no primary central repository for these works. Our organization is proud to provide such a repository. As it acquires arrangements, the ABBPS will both preserve the original works (usually hand-written), and it will format them digitally to ensure future use. Donations to ABBPS will be used for preservation and educational efforts including:

  • Acquisition, cataloging, and digitization of arrangements;

  • Development of big band-oriented educational curricula;

  • Sponsorship of “Master Classes” and “Big Band Camps”;

  • Underwriting or subsidizing schools, municipalities and other organizations seeking ABBPS-sponsored big band performances; 

  • Grants for schools, community orchestras, and other organizations dedicated to the preservation and advancement of big band music.

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