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ABBPS on Display at WGBH Event

Originally posted on March 5th, 2015

ABBPS has partnered with WGBH to bring a 1920s flair to Boston at WGBH’s “An Evening Inspired by Downtown Abbey.” Attendees to WGBH’s gala will travel back in time to mid-1920s Britain to revel in the music, dance, food and fashion that make the era portrayed in the series’ fifth season so appealing. ABBPS president, Dan Gabel, and the High Society Orchestra, featuring vocalist Elise Roth, are the star performers at the event.

ABBPS will help transport attendees back to the 1920s with displays of period memorabilia. The ABBPS collection includes Vaughn Monroe’s trombone and arrangements from the Henry Busse library, all generously donated to ABBPS’s library for preservation for future generations.

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