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Youth Jazz Ensemble plays the authentic sound

Spring 2023 - Worcester, MA.

The Worcester Youth Jazz Ensemble does it again - this time bringing to life twelve arrangements for their spring 2023 season. Conducted and coached by founder Dan Gabel, the ensemble has grown greatly since it started in 2015. Part of the Worcester Youth Orchestras program of central New England, these ensembles nurture and showcase talented young musicians, age 8 to 18.

"Our jazz ensemble has a real authentic big band sound" says Gabel, and adds "they swing hard on a Basie chart, stomp through a late 1920s number, and even glide with ease on an old dance-band polka and fox trot... it's a special group."

Almost all of the arrangements the ensemble plays are from the original manuscripts (copies/scans, of course) from the great and lesser-known arrangers and groups from the Big Band era. "It's so special for us to play these original charts" said one student. "This is my favorite music" said another.

Yes, the future of this music is bright! Stay tuned for more…

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